Black hat techniques in Social Media Marketing

February 21, 2013 9:48 am

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Black hat tricks are applied to improve better results but can prove costly for brands.

Social media marketing is a fiddly business and one should always be aware of the best and worst practices when promoting a brand. Black hat tactics are usually applied to achieve better results but go against the written rules of social media.

You might have heard of the term Black Hat SEO before. This time we will be addressing black hat tactics used in social media marketing.

Here are five black hat tactics and how to clean them up:

  • Black Hat Tactic: Buying your Audience

One of the most obvious black hat practices is to purchase followers or fans. Instant popularity shouldn’t come through purchasing as this can have serious repurcussions on your brand’s reputation and fans. Many of these purchased fans could include spammers and hackers.

Tip: The best way to grow your audience is through engaging content including informative posts images competitions and videos.

  • Black Hat Tactic: Running a Facebook Competition Directly on a page

Although many brands do this on a regular basis only brands running their promotions within Apps on Facebook are complying with the Facebook Page Terms.

Tip: Make sure you go through Facebook’s Pages terms to make sure you’re in line with Facebook’s rules.

  • Black Hat Tactic: Spamming

Posting irrelevant comments on popular posts and tweets will not get you quality traffic. Most of us have witnessed social spammers who tend to comment on random posts sometimes adding strange links. The best way to fight spammers is to report them.

Participate in conversations on trending topics that are in line with what you are offering.
  • Black Hat Tactic: Corrupt Cover Photos

Cover photos should be a representation of your brand. Cover images cannot be made up of more than 20% text include price or purchase information contain website email or mailing addresses.

Use your imagination in order to promote a new service or product without breaching the Facebook Page Terms and without including too much text call-to-actions or pricing information.
  • Black Hat: Deceitful Automation

Using automated services make social media managers’ life easier. Yet automation can be used badly when brands send out generic messages to new followers or fans askin them to engage with the brand like their other pages etc.

Tip: Remember that interactions with followers should be as authentic and genuine as possible.
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