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August 22, 2014 1:13 pm

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ICON and Bonnici Insurance have recently concluded a successful campaign using Facebook as a platform and have shown this through a Social Media Case Study.

What makes a social media campaign successful? Some focus on the likes gained on their company page while others look for leads or sales attained. It all depends on the goals set prior to campaign kick-start and then measuring its performance to see how close or far off you were from hitting the targets.

ICON re-looked at a recent Facebook campaign it managed for Bonnici Insurance, a leading insurance agency in Malta. In brief, the insurance agency ran a Facebook contest, aiming to boost page likes as well as to gain invaluable user data in exchange for an appealing prize, that of 2 tickets for 5 days in Barcelona. The lucky winner of this competition, which ran for three months, was Mr. Matthew Agius.

Considering the grandiosity of the prize, 900 people participated in the contest and Bonnici Insurance was exposed to 184,000 different individuals on Facebook. Such data makes evident the power of a Facebook contest as well as the power of social media in general. Bonnici Insurance Facebook page saw a 39% increase in pages likes and the average conversion rate was 13%. Interestingly enough, mobile devices received thrice the clicks when compared to desktop devices.

Many factors contributed to this campaign’s success. One of which was due to the fact the target audience was segmented and for each of these segments different ad copies, based on the segment’s interests, were created. All new data received from this campaign will aid in enhancing Bonnici Insurance’ marketing efforts.

Here’s an overview of what the campaign was about and why it was deemed a success.

Social Media Case Study

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