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October 4, 2012 2:33 pm

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E-mail marketing is still important today but competition is fierce.
In a world where social media has given businesses more opportunities and immediate methods to connect with their customers, e-mail marketing is still relevant today. E-mail marketing messages are still on the increase and with a crowded party your e-mails are competing for attention with many others. Keep on reading to find out how to boost your email marketing results!
Here are five ways to create an e-mail marketing campaign that people will take notice:
  • Create a solid list. Most certainly, this goes without saying but make sure that the contacts on your e-mail list want to receive your messages. Check your open rate which is a measure of how many people on an email list open a particular email campaign. The average should be 20% but if it’s significantly less then you might have a stale list. An average of 20% means that of every 10 emails delivered to the inbox, 2 were actually opened.
  • Freshen up. Do something unexpected. Segment your list, and send a message to those who haven’t opened an email recently and send them a personalised message. This novelty will in turn incite a reaction and your average will go up.
  • Images. Alongside the text in your email, use several eye-catching images. Ideally, you should use your own images by using Instagram or Pinterest or use your own staff photos. Images don’t have to be polished but they will have to tell the story.
  • Simplify. Kill jargon and communicate clearly whilst using the second person as to give readers a more personalized experience. Make your call-to-actions simple and make sure that you’re as obvious with your messages as possible.
  • Shareable moments. Add social-sharing widgets to your email including forward-to-a-friend links and buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


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