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April 26, 2012 11:54 am

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With the creation of the Facebook Timeline some of us have been frustrated, but most of us have taken it on with a sense of awe. Not only has it let our creative juices flow, but businesses have seen it as a challenge and have adopted it imaginatively to their company’s benefit. Discover how to boost your Facebook timeline using our top tips.


Adding Interesting Milestones. Interesting Milestones may work better if your company has some history. Coca-Cola founded in 1886 has the benefit of a long and interesting history so they can show their products from 1916 and how they have since evolved.

Incorporating the Profile Picture into your Cover Photo. The profile picture is a good place for your company logo but since the profile picture overlaps the cover photo you will need to leave some blank space in the lower-left corner of your cover photo. So why not blend the two pictures?

Telling a Story with Photos. Photos have gotten larger in Timelines and you can use the Highlight feature to show even more of the album. People love seeing photos and using them extensively on your Timeline can be a good way to tell your story.

Branding with Apps. Apps are much more visible on the new Timeline. The Facebook Photos app will always be in the first row in the first position and will always display the most recent photo. The next three apps in the row will be most visible so put your best apps in the first row.

Using the About Section to Give a Call to Action. While you can’t have a call to action (such as “Click Like” or “Buy Now”) or your website address in the cover photo of your Timeline you can have that information in your About section. The About section is hot property so use it well.

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