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May 15, 2012 3:30 pm

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Being personal with your blog can engage users.
Blogs are increasingly being used to engage users about a multitude of topics. Although they have been around for years they have picked up quickly. Blogs not only provide a range of information about various topics but can help to build relationships with your readers through blog comments.
Blog comments are generally misunderstood or ignored but with the correct use and appreciation you can build and cultivate strong relationships with your existing readers whilst attracting potential ones.
Here are 10 tips on how to handle blog comments and better your relationship with your readers:-
  • Be personal. Writing in a personal tone can make a huge difference. Readers are more likely to react and feel comfortable if the author is writing in a personal tone rather than formally.
  • Ask questions. Readers like to get involved and voice their thoughts about issues. Invite them to share examples by ending your blog post with a question.
  • Be humble. Don’t confuse arrogance with confidence. Readers are completely turned off by authors who come across as arrogant. Check your tone!
  • Admit your mistake. This is a very good way to attract attention and open up an invitation for discussion. If you’re writing an opinion piece you could end your blog with “I could be wrong”.
  • Use an author biography and image. Readers like to know more about the author and are therefore more inclined to leave a comment or share a post. It is also crucial to start off a comment with a simple “Hello” and use your readers’ names.
  • Empathise. One of the main purposes of a comment for your readers is to share a problem or a solution. Always reply with empathy as this will show them that you care about their opinion.
  • Develop a bond. Ask your readers to share their solutions. Not only does it give a sense of value but it also develops a sense of community and team.
  • Recognise your readers. If you notice someone returning to your blog make sure you comment and acknowledge it.
  • Treat everyone equally. Don’t get offended if someone disagrees with you. Always treat your commentators with respect as debates can be very healthy for a blog.
  • Refer to the future. When your readers state their issues or questions it is important that you turn these subjects into future posts. This will show your community that you value their concerns.
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