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June 8, 2016 9:16 am

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Carafa Valletta Residence is an authentic 17th century residence located in the heart of Valletta. It boasts a seamless fusion of vintage charm and contemporary design. All guests have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of each individually designed room created by French Artist Julien Vinet.

Business objective

Carafa contacted ICON with an interest to venture into a new business opportunity and offer a unique accommodation concept – selfcatering townhouse accommodation for groups in the heart of Valletta. While the farmhouse concept in Gozo and other rural areas is well catered for, Carafa felt that this could be extended within an urban setting, allowing groups of friends, family or colleagues to spend quality time together while savouring the unique attractions of Valletta.

ICON was pleased to present Carafa Valletta Residence with an opportunity for the design, development and management of a website, as well as digital marketing initiatives which were considered essential to increase the Carafa’s chances of generating revenue.

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In order to reach the above mentioned objectives it was essential for Carafa to look at its online presence as a key business driver which could:

  • Lead into new business opportunities,
  • provide key marketing insights which allow the company to take informed decisions (e.g. which market to target next),
  • foster a loyal customer-base, and
  • create new partnerships which can assist in the company’s growth.

To this effect, ICON provided Carafa with more than just a website, but rather a strategic framework to ensure that the company could expand its business across different markets, while at the same time providing a personalised experience to its customers.

This was done through the following three-step process:

  1. Digital Marketing Action Plan
  2. New Website Development
  3. Accommodation Management

Using digital channels without a strategic approach is still commonplace for a lot of companies locally, but those who invest time to plan their approach enjoy faster and better results. ICON provided an in-depth 12-month action plan, tailored specifically for Carafa’s needs and requirements. Bespoke, in-depth analysis and insights were given into the current trends in the market. Internationalization techniques and best practices across multiple digital touch points focused on Carafa’s target audience were specifically catered for. This information was delivered in a focused, clear and realistic way to ensure that the implementation and ultimate success of the business across the next 12 months is tangible and measurable.

The Carafa Valletta Residence’s website has become the main acquisition-channel for the company. Therefore, it is important that it is both engaging and accessible, offering the option for users to access information on the go from any device including desktop, tablets and mobile.

“Our recently developed website truly portrays the vision we had for Carafa. ICON’s assistance has been invaluable, not only in the design and development of the website itself but by providing thorough plan and guidance for the next 12 months allowing us to enter this industry with confidence and structure” – Dr. Alex Spiteri-Gingell

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