ICON provides end-to-end services for Casapinta

May 28, 2015 10:45 am

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Casapinta has recently re-branded all of its digital channels, implemented and developed by ICON.

ICON has worked closely with Casapinta to provide a full cycle of end-to-end services for the company’s digital marketing strategy, web design and development over the past months.


The digital marketing team at ICON worked together with Casapinta to ensure that it had a clear vision and strategy for its digital platforms.  This involved acquiring a thorough understanding of the client’s target market, as well as defining the products and services on offer and allocating the appropriate human and financial resources.

Specific key performance indicators (KPIs) were set at the start of the process, highlighting the way forward with a clear focus on driving revenue and achieving a return on investment (ROI).  Various digital marketing strategies were carefully considered for each target market and moreover, these were each broken down by different digital channels.

ICON ensured that accurate findings were physically presented to the client.


The new Casapinta website was developed using the very latest technologies, including the creation of personalisation techniques developed specifically for the client. The new website features a modern, appealing and responsive design along with stunning visuals of the company’s projects throughout.  This enhances the user experience and makes information easily accessible to Casapinta’s clients.

ICON was also responsible for all content writing and insertion on the new website. The website has been optimised for search engines and ICON has delivered various tailored in depth training sessions. ICON continues to offer a constant after-sales service and support, including handling all hosting and other technical requirements.

ICON offers a range of services within digital marketing including but not limited to  search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising, social media management and email marketing. Discover how ICON can help your business grow with software services and digital marketing.  Contact us today.

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