Dealing with social media comments

July 5, 2012 10:12 am

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With the surgence of social media conversations have changed drastically.

With the emergence of social media traditional conversations have evolved into multi-way and multiple conversations at the same time with various groups of people. These exchanges more often than not will take place in the form of comments on various social media such as Facebook Linkedin and blogs.If you’re a business you should go through every comment you receive from the public since this increases interaction and builds trust with your followers.Here are 5 tips on how to deal with 5 different categories of comments-

  • Spam. Filter comments that vary from unwanted promotions or posts that might come from robots. Remove spam from your Page or it would look like no one takes care of it.
  • Negative comments. These vary from bad interpretations misunderstandings to attacks. Abusive comments should be deleted but you have to understand that you cannot delete all comments based on disagreement. Having a set of guidelines could guide your visitors on your house rules.
  • Neutral comments. When you receive posts such as “Great post” you don’t need to add more to the conversation other than a polite thank you.
  • Positive replies. When you receive positive comments make sure you answer each comment separately and specifically to the points raised. Do not change the topic to something you want to discuss.
  • Your own comments. Just as you reply to remarks posted on your social media sites make sure that you leave your own mark on other social media within your category. This will give your brand exposure and will give you the opportunity to share your perspective with audiences other than your own. It could also lead to broadening your influences through various audiences across a number of social media.