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May 8, 2018 3:49 pm

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ICON is very proud to run a successful internship programme, which has allowed many youngsters get quality training and gain valuable experience in the fields of Software Development, Web Development and Digital Marketing.

We recently asked Claudia, a digital marketing intern, to write a post about her experience here at ICON. Claudia did so well during her internship she succeeded in securing a permanent position as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive at ICON.

Digitla MArketing Intern now Junior Digital Marketing Executive

Read on to learn about Claudia’s experience as an intern here at ICON:

Looking back at my four-month term as a Digital Marketing Intern at ICON, I feel that this has been one of the most fruitful experiences of my life. Having been given the opportunity to gain my first real glimpse into the area of specialization which I aspire to pursue a career in, I cannot help but feel extremely grateful.

As a final year student of Communications, throughout my four years at University, I have had ample time to explore different areas of communications. However, it was the area of digital marketing which appealed to me the most, and as a result, I decided to take the plunge and apply for an internship at ICON.

Although, at the start, many had warned me that such an experience might easily disrupt my studying, especially because I was writing my dissertation at the time, I can confidently say that this was certainly not the case. Rather, I feel that this experience has enabled me to put what I was studying into practice and thus, understand certain concepts better. In addition, I have gained so many new insights, which I would never have learned from any textbook, that have given me a clearer picture of what it means to work in digital marketing.

My principal tasks at ICON consisted of content writing tasks, since this is what I was mainly interested in. Whether I was writing for ICON’s own website or for a client’s, I was always given the freedom to unleash my creativity in my own unique way. However, content writing was not the only area of digital marketing which I was given the chance to explore. I also worked extensively on tasks related to Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing as well as email marketing. As I went along, I received very in-depth training from the rest of the digital marketing team which I consider as an invaluable part of my development throughout these four months. Along with this, I was also given the chance to engage in a couple of online digital marketing courses which I found very beneficial and worthwhile.

All in all, this experience would not have been so remarkable had it not been for all the wonderful and incredibly talented individuals I was lucky enough to work alongside. From my first day at the office, I received a warm welcome which extended into a feeling of a close-knit community throughout my four months there, and that is ultimately what I value the most in a work place.

Everyone here at ICON is delighted to have Claudia on board full-time. If you’re interested in an internship at ICON, please visit this page or check our current vacancies.

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