Easy methods to build engagement on Facebook

July 12, 2012 5:08 pm

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Engaging with Facebook fans should is an easy process if you keep it simple.
When Facebook was initially built its main purpose was to keep people connected with their friends and so it did very well in fact. The more Facebook grew the more it needed to accommodate businesses but many brand page admins make the erroneous assumption that Facebook users will look at company posts as important.

Businesses do not automatically become friends with their audience but rather they should be engaging with them either through likes shares or comments.Here are 6 ways to create just the right type of engagement-

  • Photos. A picture is the simplest way of attracting someone’s attention as it is more visually appealing than the average post. Including your logo to the image will tie it to the brand and thus create a sense of familiarity.
  • Fill in the blanks. Fill-in-the-blank posts are generally fun as it allows viewers to share their creativity and at the same time encourage interaction.
  • Image captions. You can combine the attraction of an image by asking your fans to come up with a creative caption.
  • Ask questions. Many page admins make the error of posting on their wall without ending with a question. Questions are one of the simplest methods to get fans to comment. Another alternative would be to ask the audience to choose one out of two options to generate comments without having your audience invest time or effort.
  • Offer advice. Sharing ideas and tips with your fans will not only engage your audience but will give your brand more value.
  • Quotes. Quotes are one of the most popular ways to get shares and likes. Inspirational quotes are more likely to get shared and liked due to their personal nature.

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