Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

August 30, 2012 10:12 am

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When it comes to marketing on Facebook many social media executives struggle to connect with their audience in a way that benefits their business. If you do not engage with your audience, interest could decrease drastically.

Facebook marketing

Once you have reached your fans you still need to persuade them to encourage engagement. Here are the top mistakes marketers should avoid:

  • Blank information. This may be obvious, but unless you use Facebook to its full capacity users won’t be able to gather essential information such as your location and address.
  • Overposting. New brands should start posting once or twice a week but posting more than once a day could have an adverse effect on engagement.
  • Not paying attention. Look at the metrics to learn how to balance out the number of fans on your page with the ideal reach of your Facebook marketing plans.
  • Not engaging passionate fans. When it comes to advertising, your brand needs to have very passionate fans who are also buyers.
  • Not using imagery. Use images to dominate your fans’ Facebook news feeds as images grab attention.
  • Focusing on Likes. The more likes you have the more people you will be reaching but Likes are just one step. Reaching the right audience and keeping them engaged is even more important.
  • Ignoring insights. Paying attention to what People are Talking about This (PTAT) and reach metrics will help you see how your message is faring overall.
  • Posting boring content. Posts on Facebook should be relevant to your brand. If it doesn’t make sense then people will not necessarily like the product as they’ll feel that the brand doesn’t share their interests.
  • Ignoring ad options. Brands can benefit from having the budget to employ Facebook ads. If the ad is well branded it will help consumers recall the ad and the brand.
  • Not spicing up content. Too much of anything can be boring. Using the right mix of polls questions photos and videos will keep your fans engaged and excited.

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