New Facebook updates to Boost e-Marketing Efforts

June 8, 2012 10:29 am

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With over 845 million monthly active users Facebook is the fastest growing social network. Facebook has recently announced that it is issuing two important updates to boost e-marketing, that are bound to have social media strategists beaming with enthusiasm.


A Paid promotion feature

Facebook is introducing a new paid promotion feature that will give status updates a boosted visibility on users’ news feeds. Having already been featured during its testing phase the new feature is up for prime time. Although there has not been an official announcement from Facebook regarding pricing an estimated paid status placement will vary depending on the number of “Likes” a page has.

These paid promotion updates will however only show up for fan pages that you already “Like” and will show up at the top of your newsfeed with a “sponsored” tag to indicate that the fan page owner has purchased such placement.
Scheduling tool

A second feature that is likely to be introduced and that will have social media specialists rubbing their hands with glee is a new scheduling tool. This will allow page administrators to schedule posts in advance for up to 6 months at 15 minute intervals.

Although both features are not yet available they will be amplifying e-marketing efforts worldwide in the coming months.

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