New Fortytwo Telecom site embodies brand’s vision

September 20, 2012 4:24 pm

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Fortytwo Telecom, a company specializing in international messaging platforms, has unveiled its new website offering a professional and integrated view of the company’s vision. Developed by ICON, the new site is user-friendly and embraces a subtle colour-scheme that goes hand-in-hand with the new logo and the innovative image of the company.

Fortytwo Telecom

A telecommunications operator with expertise in wholesale international messaging and managed services Fortytwo Telecom, through its solutions, provides wholesale text messages at competitive prices to various industries so that they may reach out to billions of mobile subscribers around the world. Using an Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging system that allows the company to send large amounts of SMS traffic Fortytwo Telecom provides businesses with the opportunity to stay in touch with their customers through their mobile phones wherever they may be.

A feature that has been seamlessly integrated by ICON to the website is the Number Lookup option. Customers logging into the Fortytwo Telecom website will be able to test this feature and validate any mobile phone number (MSISDN) to identify the network the number currently belongs to. The Number Lookup service prevents SMS from returning or failing due to invalid MSISDN and Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

The site also supports a ‘Live Chat’ option that further enhances communication bringing the company closer to its clients. Through this functionality the sales and support team at Fortytwo will be happy to interact with customers and see to their needs. Through the new website Fortytwo Telecom aims to inform their customers about any upcoming events they will be participating at such that they may be reached by customers wishing to meet them face to face at such industry events.

“The new site encompasses the way we do business and our brand.  ICON have successfully implemented our vision into a vibrant website that gives viewers a welcoming taste of what the company does.”

Fortytwo Telecom CEO Mr Erik Angelöw.

The new Fortytwo Telecom website can be accessed by clicking here.

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