ICON.secure: How Secure is your Reputation?

May 5, 2020 11:24 am

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Did you know that globally, hackers carry out an attack every 39 seconds, or over 2,200 times a day?

In 2019, it took organisations on average almost 7 months to identify a potentially catastrophic data breach, while the average cost of a data breach is just under  €3.6 million. Quantifying the loss in Euros is horrifying enough, but the reputational harm to you and your customers doesn’t bear thinking about.

It’s not too soon to say that the global pandemic of Covid-19 will be one of the defining events of 2020, having implications for many years to come. Business leaders are under immense pressure to deal with the financial strain, logistical and operational challenges, all while winning back precious business. It’s a lot to deal with. On the plus side, businesses are leveraging digital solutions more than ever. According to AP News, the volume of transactions in retail sectors have seen a 74 percent rise in March compared to the same period last year.

But while the challenges of Covid-19 have taken front and centre, the need to protect your reputation and assets (both data and financial) can’t take a back seat. Criminals have quickly adapted their techniques to exploit fears around the pandemic. As a result, web skimming increased by 26% in March compared to the previous month. While businesses scramble to set up digital solutions to allow employees to work remotely and to reach out to customers online, this inevitably entails dealing with more sensitive corporate and customer data – a treasure trove that hackers can profit from. Besides the attendant GDPR considerations, security is now a critical aspect of business risk-planning.

Many SMEs take comfort in technologies like firewalls and SSL certificates, believing that these fundamental, yet limited technologies will protect their online investments from unauthorised intrusion. But the truth is that any defence at the network level will provide only limited protection. Web intrusion techniques often harness the open nature of websites and web applications. To complicate matters, intruders’ techniques change and adapt to emerging vulnerabilities.

To further enhance our proactive approach towards IT security, ICON has partnered with a leading security company to help you detect and prevent potential attacks on your web applications. Thanks to the introduction of automation and continuous scanning tools, we can help you detect of over 6500 web application vulnerabilities and 50,000 network vulnerabilities, in no time!


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