How to optimize your social content for the Facebook Mobile App

April 17, 2013 5:09 pm

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Reach a wider audience by optimising your content for mobile.
More people are these days using smart phones as a source of entertainment. In fact, over 600 million people use the Facebook mobile app on the go. However, Facebook is not only used by individuals. A variety of businesses have also started to operate on social media, especially Facebook. If your company is ready to join the mobile revolution read on to learn how to better optimize your Facebook marketing for mobile.
Optimise Organic Content
The Facebook mobile app only shows users their News Feed meaning that your posts need to be even more eye-catching. With a smaller screen, text is harder to read. Thus, consider focusing more on the creation of visuals, such as photos and videos.  If your post does not grab the user’s attention, you may as well not have posted anything in the first place.
Optimise Facebook Adverts for Mobile Devices
Since Facebook changed the way mobile ads are seen in the News Feed, it is recommended that you make use of ad types that can be posted including Promoting Posts and Sponsored Stories so they reach a wider audience. To make your ad visible on mobile devices choose Devices and then decide on which mobile devices you want to place your ads. This will increase the reach of your Promoted Posts.
Post-Click Experience
Once you get people clicking on your Facebook content on mobile make sure that you send people to a landing page on your site where there are opportunities to convert. This is normally done through the use of call to actions. Spend some time optimizing your landing pages and post-click experiences for mobile devices so it would make conversion easier.
As competition grows fiercer on social media, consider these three tips which will enable you to stay ahead of competitors and to grow your business.
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