How to prepare for Google + Brand Pages

July 27, 2011 2:02 pm

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Plan ahead and jump in when the water is warm.
With 10 million confirmed users on Google+ the new social network is off to a hot start. Brands are ready to jump into the Google+ pool but the platform is not yet ready for them. Stories across the web reported that Google+ business pages would be coming later (though a few hundred brands would be allowed as part of a pilot Google+ program including Ford).
Google+ Ford Test Account

Google is now promising to “roll out rudimentary business accounts by late fall ” according to ClickZ. While brand marketers may feel anxious being barred from the network they can take this time to strategise about how to best use Google+ once it opens the doors to brands.

  • Do Your Community Research – If you have a list of key brand influencers check to see if they’re already active on Google+. You don’t want to spend time and money focusing on a platform if your key influencers aren’t there.
  • Use it Yourself – Immerse yourself in the Google+ community and learn the nuances that make it different than other networks.
  • Create Your Community Strategy – Before you begin marketing to Google+ users you need to put a solid community strategy in place. Build a plan that answers the following questions before reaching out to them on the platform:
  1. What are the potential ways to communicate in this channel? (Posts promotions paid ads contests updates and other content)
  2. How is this channel different than our other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter?
  3. What are target audiences looking for from this channel? Are they like Facebook users of do they come to Google+ to interact about different topics than they do on Facebook?
  • Decide on Success Metrics – Figure out what you can measure on Google+ to determine success for your marketing or brand engagement goals. Make a list of all the metrics you can measure (e.g. number of fans clicks comments shares).
  • Develop a Rollout Plan – When the gates open and brands are allowed on Google+ there will undoubtedly be a flood of content hitting users who will have just gotten used to using the new network for their personal relationships. Create a phased content rollout plan to ensure you don’t bombard your targets with unwanted messages. Start slowly and tweak content based on reactions.