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April 4, 2013 11:30 am

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Understanding the key contepts of writing an article will help provide your articles with more visibility and popularity.
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Going viral with give your articles more exposure and attention
Have you ever wondered how some articles online get a ton of shares on social media? If you haven’t here are our 10 tips to write content that will increase the likelihood of your posts going viral on social media. By understanding the key concepts explained below you will be able to improve your writing and gain even more exposure.
  1. Understand Market Trends in Social Media. Always check what topics are trending on social media. Whatever you are writing about should be relevant today.
  2. Write more in-depth. Write a long engaging story or a how-to guide providing educational value as they are generally well-liked.
  3. Effective title and keywords. Using tools such as Google Keywords will help you pick the most effective keywords that will help people find the articles you write and generating traffic to them.
  4. Use images. Articles with images are more reader-friendly than those without.
  5. Make your content interesting. Make your content unique to help draw more people and speak to the audience.
  6. Easily skimmed. Since users skim through articles make your articles reader-friendly.
  7. Don’t stuff content with keywords. Don’t use the same keyword over and over again in the same article.
  8. Over deliver. Let your audience know what you’re going to write about and then give them much more information than what they planned on receiving.
  9. Share it. Get your post out there to as many social networks and communities as possible.
  10. Feedback. Make sure your content is worthy of sending it to a number of individuals for constructive criticism.

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