Introducing ICON’s new Managing Director, Ian Castillo

April 19, 2018 5:09 pm

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ICON is delighted to announce that from the start of 2018, co-founder and former Director of Technology Services Ian Castillo, has taken over as Managing Director. Ian and Dr. Gege Gatt (now CEO of co-founded ICON, an award-winning digital and software solutions provider, almost two decades ago.ICON CEO Ian Castillo

ICON began its journey as a website development company and its early successes created a solid platform for ICON to build on. Over the years, ICON has grown and thrived, expanding into several European markets including the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg, whilst diversifying its services to include software development, integrated digital marketing services, training and consultancy.

With quality being an integral part of the company’s DNA, ICON has achieved recognition including ISO 9001 and ITIL certifications, Microsoft and Google Partnerships, as well as several MCA e-Business awards.

ICON Managing Director Ian Castillo at the MCA eBusiness Awards with some of the ICON team.

As one of ICON’s founders, Ian is excited and enthusiastic about his new role. Discussing the recent developments, he said:

“For almost 2 decades, ICON has been at the forefront of conversation management, enabling our customers to reach wider audiences through innovative web, software and digital marketing solutions. Our reputation in the local and international markets has been built upon the passion and skill of a team brimming with enthusiasm – a team that I’m privileged to lead. Going forward, we will continue to push our core services while nurturing and strengthening newer areas like Business Process Reengineering, IT Consolidation, and Security and GDPR Advisory. In line with our internationalisation efforts, ICON will continue to build on the great strides we’ve made in markets like France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK. Our innovating culture coupled with brilliant minds has led to some great initiatives like the newly launched EBO, an AI powered conversation tool that is already making waves in European markets. These assets make us equipped to overcome the challenges on the horizon and beyond.”

That focus on innovation and building a highly talented team continues to strengthen ICON’s position as a leader in the software services, web development and digital marketing fields.

2018 will provide many stimulating new projects and experiences. It’s an exciting time at ICON as the company continues to grow and internationalise its customer base. The team is enthusiastic and focused on making the most of these new opportunities and challenges.

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