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November 13, 2013 1:18 pm

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ICON went back to SearchLove in London – Here’s what happened

In 2012 ICON learnt about a prestigious SEO conference organised by Distilled in London called Searchlove. Having gained so much knowledge from this experience last year ICON could not resist a second opportunity to meet highly respected influential persons in the industry from all round Europe and the US who presented key learning points from their respective experiences.

The world of online marketing and SEO is constantly moving forward at a rapid rate. Keeping up with the changes for most can be tough. SearchLove not only keeps attendees updated with the latest trends but it further gives marketers the opportunity to network share knowledge tools and experiences with each other.

Some of the most established and recognised names in the industry delivered presentations equipped with great visuals case studies and take-home points. As the first speaker took to the stage Twitter and Facebook were a flurry of messages in different languages.

imageprovider (8)How to market with a small budget
– mainly aimed at start-ups and smaller business owners who wouldn’t afford massive aggressive campaigns like companies from the Fortune 500 would.Some of the topics discussed this year included:

  • The importance of split testing on various aspects of a campaign including the electronic newsletter as well as the landing page (Amelia Showalter shared a number of tips learnt from her experience managing Obama’s re-election email campaign)
  • The value of outreach as a way of making your content visible to the right audience
  • The evolvement of the Graph Theory and how Facebook has got the potential to outweigh Google with the ability to connect people and present results based on connections and affinity (according to Kelvin Newman)
  • The importance of understanding your audience whether it is a mobile audience a culturally diverse population or simply clients who are at different stages of the buying process
  • The streamlining of offline and online activities that will eventually assist you enhance the company’s online presence.

imageprovider (9)

During and after the conference ICON had the opportunity to network and interact with various other professionals as well as enjoy some chill out time at the bar with the other attendees.

To next years SearchLove!

PS. Have some of the terms discussed in this article puzzled you? Fear not contact ICON today so we can share this knowledge (and so much more) with you and assist your businesses success.


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