ICON celebrates partnership with Minely

March 24, 2017 12:21 pm

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ICON is celebrating its partnership with Minely; a specialist in Big Data Analysis and data-driven solutions.

ICON celebrates partnership with Minely

Left to right: Mr. Gareth Gauci (Chief Technical Officer at ICON), Dr. Gege Gatt (Director at ICON), Mr. Christian Barrios (CEO at Minely) & Mr. Mauro Pirrone (Chief Technical Officer at Minely).

Minely was founded in 2013 and is now led by a top ex-Apple executive and close collaborator of Steve Jobs: Mr. Christian Barrios.

ICON is one of Malta’s most experienced software development and digital marketing companies. Having been in the business for almost two decades, the company has worked with various leading, national and international clients alike in an extensive range of sectors including financial services, telecommunications, hospitality and retail.

ICON and Minely are cognizant that data is a crucial factor to a business’ success and many organisations are becoming aware of the enormous potential their data has to offer. Many organisations in Malta face a challenge due to the extensive amount of data they hold within their disparate databases. Their challenge is how to translate this highly valuable data into actionable business insights which will benefit both the organisation and more importantly their clients.

ICON celebrates partnership with Minely

Indeed, the amount of data that businesses collect has grown so much over the last decade that collating this data into a proper insightful dashboard incurs significant investments in human resources, software and time.

ICON is now offering a Big Data analytics platform through its partnership with Minely. The company can simplify Big Data processing to easily build data-driven solutions using cutting-edge technology for business analytics. This provides clients with real-time input for timely and relevant decision-making.

Our clients need to compete in a data-driven world. They need to have the tools to transform their businesses and create value. We’re delighted to celebrate our partnership with Minely as it allows us to empower our customers to take better actions based on data-driven insights. Customer Centricity is one of ICON’s foundations and this partnership provides us with an excellent opportunity to simplify Big Data processing for our clients.

Dr. Gege Gatt,

We’re extremely pleased about our newly formed partnership with ICON and are very excited by the new potential it has opened up for our business. ICON is a forward-thinking organisation with significant links within European territories. This relationship has allowed us to build our technology within ICON’s own solution thus adding value to new customers.

Mr. Christian Barrios,

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