ICON entrusted with TAKEOFF’s marketing branding and web development

May 2, 2014 10:33 am

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TAKEOFF is a business incubator that helps technology knowledge-based entrepreneurs and start-ups transform their ideas and innovations into market- and investor-ready businesses.

The TAKEOFF project is backed by EU funding and was recently supported by the Maltese government with a €100 000 grant.

“Great communities are founded on great ideas. There is a new generation of very bright graduates considering entrepreneurship as a career.”

Ben McClure – TAKEOFF Manager


ICON was entrusted by TAKEOFF to assist with the entire life cycle of the project. ICON has created for TAKEOFF a full 24 month unified marketing strategy for both online and offline incorporating but not limited to SEO PPC website and social media efforts as well as billboard magazine press releases radio merchandise and TV advertising.




The entire branding process for TAKEOFF from concept to various designs was created by ICON. Originally the University of Malta approached ICON with the concept of a business incubator. An identity brand and name did not yet exist. ICON researched the values colours symbols and language that evoke the correct emotions both from a psychological and design point of view and created what is now known as TAKEOFF.


A new website for TAKEOFF was essential. Built on open source technology TAKEOFF’s website is fully portable and can be moved to any server or infrastructure. The website is fully responsive and can be viewed with ease on all technologies including mobile and tablet platforms. The typical social media touch points and various pages of content are also available. A secure member login section allowing users to create and maintain a profile create share and access documents while communicating easily with individuals or groups as needed.

Commenting on this project Dr. Gege Gatt – one of ICON’s directors – stated: “It gives us great personal pleasure to work with entities who place research and innovation at the centre of their success. TAKEOFF has been one such project and the energy exuded by Ben McClure and his team has been truly infectious. We built a brand identity for one of Malta’s most exciting entities and have been entrusted to work on the related web technologies. This is a perfect demonstration of ICON’s ‘full-lifecycle’ service which takes the customer from the very beginning of the business journey to the position of a stable and exciting launch platform.

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