ICON launches a new local study about Visual Online Marketing

November 9, 2012 2:51 pm

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ICON has launched a local study about Visual Online Marketing.
One of the very first ever studies on the use of visuals for online marketing by Maltese business organisations has disclosed that 43% of local companies are still not measuring the success of their visual content and are unaware whether their efforts are proving to be fruitful or not.
Carried out by local web development and e-marketing company ICON the research delves deep into the subject of visual online marketing when it comes to the promotion of products and services as well as how users interact with the content online.
Surveying local companies in various business areas including Information Technology construction retail consultancy media and recruitment amongst many other areas ICON has taken one step forward in researching what local marketers are using as media tools for promotions and what individual web users in Malta are utilising when it comes to social media and what leads them to make a purchase online.
The findings have provided an in-depth glance into how the two are interacting and what spurs both to interact with such content. As expected the vast majority of marketers (89%) have agreed that their products with images tend to fare a lot better online than those without any images. Surprisingly those that do believe otherwise have also claimed that they are in no way measuring online success.
As widely expected Facebook is the favoured platform for both marketers and web users in Malta. Web users are also more likely to experiment with new media such as emerging channels including Pinterest Google+ and Instagram.
Such is the importance of Facebook that most marketers surveyed (64%) have agreed that clients are more likely to share their feedback while on Facebook. Although gathering feedback on products/services can prove to be slightly complicated various options are available to gather input.
Similarly 90% of local users have never purchased anything online that was not supported by an image and they would not buy online unless they have seen an image of the product first.
Although finding images for a website or social channel is no easy feat marketers (84%) have admitted that they would rather take photos of their own products or services online to give it that extra personal touch. On the contrary 32% of local companies gather their images from suppliers while another 35% purchase their stock photography.

Alternatively most users (70%) have agreed that they would not participate in competitions where they had to upload images in order to participate. Only 14% showed their willingness to participate in such online competitions.

It is safe to say that for most businesses in Malta, Facebook is the primary social network of choice and marketers want to find out and learn more about other social media tools especially since more and more web users are using other social media channels for interaction.
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