ICON launches a new site for Nenu the Artisan Baker

February 16, 2012 11:33 am

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The team at ICON provided an online solution that best captured the essence of Nenu the Artisan Baker” – project manager Mr. Alfred Triganza.

Maltese traditions have always been cherished by locals. Interest is now being boosted by using web technology to promote traditional activities and actively continue breathing life into them. This is what Maypole Group’s latest creation Nenu The Artisan Baker is achieving by launching a new website for all local food lovers and tapping into a great opportunity for giving a unique experience to local and foreign visitors.

The new site features a variety of activities for local food lovers apart from brimming with interesting information to learn about the history of bread-making on the Maltese islands. This is an especially fun way to learn as it takes the form of a ‘timeline’ to make it a breeze to browse through.


Mr. Alfred Triganza Project Manager enthusuastically points out how “The team at ICON managed to provide an online solution that best captured the essence of Maypole Group’s Chairman Mr. Carmel Debono’s vision as well as Nenu The Artisan Baker with all its offerings.” The design style chosen is predominantly warm and welcoming ideal to reflect the feeling of family food that dominates at the bakery itself.

Since families are encouraged to visit the website also includes a child-friendly area offering fun activities and various interactive games that entertain while educating them. For adults the site provides an easy way to find and understand Nenu’s latest food creations on the easy-to-access online product catalogue powered by ICON.shop. It is also remarkably easy to make a special reservation directly through the portal. You can choose to plan your visit by choosing the type of audience and room you require.


The various images immediately pull you in so you know what it is like to be on the location itself. You can also give your feedback directly to the creators of Nenu the Artisan Baker after visiting through the customer satisfaction survey as well as directly connect using social media to keep the conversation going.

Nenu the Artisan Baker prides itself as the place that is continuing the tradition of good Maltese bread so the site compliments this mission by being the digital extension of the bakery that people can use both before and after visiting to learn more about what to expect as well as to keep up with the latest offerings.

You may vsit the site at www.nenuthebaker.com

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