ICON launches a new site for Pendergardens

July 20, 2012 12:09 pm

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The team at ICON ensures commitment to quality and innovation” Mr. Peter Diacono CEO at Pendergardens.
LIVE. WORK. RELAX – These are the three words that lay the foundation for the Pendergardens project. Six years after Pender Ville Ltd. was established with the aim of developing a prime site in St Julian’s the new residential area and shortly a new commercial complex now dominates the zone.
During the initial stages of the construction project Pendergardens worked with leading web development company ICON to set up a website which followed the project’s progress. Now that the project has matured and property is selling the consortium has again entrusted ICON with the building of a new interactive portal at www.pendergardens.com.
Keeping in spirit with the core brand concepts of LIVE WORK RELAX ICON has developed a website that reflects this ethos. With a notable emphasis on accessibility and ease of navigation www.pendergardens.com has made buying property easier than ever before! Making a query viewing and downloading property details is never more than a few clicks away. Furthermore ICON has built the site in a search-engine friendly manner.
Visit the new Pendergardens website

But the success of the site is nowhere better expressed than in the words of Pendergardens’s marketing team: “Pendergardens chose ICON yet again to create the new website for two main reasons – the strong team within ICON which ensures commitment to quality and innovation and the flexibility of its content management system ICON.snap™ which allows us to easily maintain and update our website with very little dependence on the developer.”

CEO Mr. Peter Diacono stated that “the new site is fresh responsive dynamic and poised to grow further. Quick access to prices images and plans as well as the ability to book appointments are all prominent and essential features.”

Property details on the new Pendergardens website
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