ICON launches HolidayLettingMalta.com

August 3, 2011 2:55 pm

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We have worked with ICON in the complete assurance that we are in good hands with a great team for support’ – Ms. Jane Caruana director at Holiday Letting Malta.

Finding a holiday home in Malta  is now easier than ever due to Holiday Letting Malta’s new web venture accessible at www.holidaylettingmalta.com.  The new site is designed by ICON and provides access to a diversity of great value accommodation around the Maltese islands making it easy to market property with worldwide exposure. The website gives the greatest breadth of choice coupled with a depth of information surrounding every property.To this end ICON designed a visually pleasing portal inspired by the vibrant Maltese colours. ‘The layout is fabulous ’ says director Ms. Jane Caruana ‘and the blending of colours keeps you engaged until you have browsed it all!’ The two companies have successfully collaborated to create a web portal on which users are effortlessly guided to reach their goals.


This is achieved by means of the advanced search located prominently on the home page which allows for in-depth specifications. Users may also search for a property according to price range thanks to the customised price-bar widget neatly implemented on the new site. ICON has also integrated with GoogleMaps so as to facilitate the user’s access to geo-mapped data. All GoogleMap points show specific property images and details.

The site commits to a level of personalisation by means of Live Chat. Users may at anytime engage with HolidayLettingMalta.com staff so as to obtain real-time answers to their queries. The provided system allows such staff to communicate using any mobile device to ensure user-interaction even when physically not at one’s desk.


Additionally the site supports high definition pictures characterising the displayed variety of properties by striking clarity and most importantly authenticity when viewed online. Thus the user’s choice will also be informed by appealing visual aids which will entice the customer to return to the site. The client will further benefit from the use of ICON.travel™ which is a proprietary software engine developed by ICON to manage the property itineraries availability and price.

We have worked with ICON in the complete assurance that we are in good hands with a great team for support’ concludes Ms. Caruana and they have certainly delivered a user-friendly website on which a level of topmost quality is accepted as the norm.

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