ICON launches new microsite for Frank Zampa Jewellery

July 13, 2011 1:30 pm

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A reputable sixth generation family business now moving online

Frank Zampa Jewellers, the Valletta-based purveyors of fine quality products, have recently entered the web era with a brand-focused online presence.  The new microsite is purposefully designed as a taste of the experience now offered 24/7 in the virtual sphere and heralds an exciting string of upcoming digital projects for the company.

ICON has created the new microsite focusing on ‘legacy luxury and quality‘ in both design and usability. With minimal text it still puts through a message of a distinguished business with a rich and successful history. It takes into consideration the products themselves by showcasing them in a fluid and visual manner as well as the brand they represent: a reputable sixth generation family business now moving online.

The page has an added attention to chic colour palettes to reflect the jeweller’s long history of high-end market products. The little details in the site design are textile almost tangible: the classic map locator is creatively re-invented as the lapel of a handsome leather bound book.

The Zampa brand active since 1804 is synonymous with fine craftsmanship and creativity in jewellery products. The newly launched microsite immediately gives a sense of what the product and service is all about. Just like with Frank Zampa Jewellers detail and a focus on elegance are key to creating an unforgettable experience.

ICON launches new microsite for Frank Zampa Jewellery
Visit Frank Zampa‘s new microsite


Frank Zampa Jewellery is a sixth generation wholly owned family firm established in 1804 by Signor Giuseppe Zampa who was born in Rome. His great-grandson and the oldest surviving member of the family, Frank Zampa, joined the family business more than a century later.

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