ICON launches new service: ICON.snap-mobile™

October 17, 2012 1:23 pm

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ICON has launched its latest service: ICON.snap-mobile™

ICON is proud to announce its latest solution ICON.snap-mobile™. Created with customers in mind ICON.snap-mobile™  allows you to update the content on your mobile applications across the different platforms.

It publishes updates to iPhone Android Blackberry Windows as well as your mobile site through one convenient system without the need of having to optimise content for each different platform separately. This in turn cuts down on time and extra costs effectively and efficiently.

This new tool extends the features and benefits of the normal content management system ICON.snap™ to the mobile platform.

ICON.snap-mobile™ boasts several benefits
ICON.snap-mobile™ presents benefits not only on a technical level but it also widens the business spectrum stepping up the business’ game:
  • Advanced Content Management. Using HTML and CSS ICON creates an exclusive design that will be readily published to the app that has been built.
  • Predefined templates. Developed and created by ICON’s creative team ICON.snap-mobile™ has been developed to contain an array of predefined templates which helps maximise the speed of the content design process.
  • User-interface friendly. ICON.snap-mobile™ gives the ultimate access and full control to the administrator by being able to tweak content from device to device allowing them to preview their new content on the target device whilst also being able to tweak accordingly.
  • Ease of use. Built with the main aim of keeping it simple and easy to use the interface has been split into two: The left side showcasing a preview based on the selected phone or tablet while the right hand side entails a WYSIWIG editor.
Contact us for a free consultation about this service and learn how you could benefit from it.
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