It’s Official! ICON becomes a Google Premier Partner!

July 27, 2018 4:04 pm

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It’s a great feeling when your skill and hard work is not only recognised, but also rewarded. That’s exactly what happened to us when we received the good news that ICON’s Google-certified digital marketing team has just been rewarded with the Google Premier Partner Badge. Go team!

Google Premier Partner

But what does this badge mean and what are the benefits of working with a Premier Google Partner? Read on to find out more!


A few years ago, Google’s Partner program was expanded to include tiered levels. The Premier Partner badge is the highest level an agency can achieve, and ICON has now joined a small and exclusive group.

For a digital marketing agency to qualify as a Premier Partner, it must continuously meet Google’s requirements in three areas; certification, ad spend and performance.



The first step to proving your expertise to Google is by passing the certification tests in your area of specialization (be it search, display, shopping, mobile, video). To maintain the Premier badge as well as to keep up-to-date with Google’s advancements, digital marketers must ensure they renew their certifications on a yearly basis. This makes sure the team stays up-to-date with the latest Google advertising developments.

Passing the tests shows a high level of knowledge. However, the requirements to become a Premier Partner go far beyond achieving certificates. Agencies need to demonstrate next-level skills and experience.


Thus, alongside the achievement of certificates, an agency must also prove to Google that its team members have extensive Google Ads (formerly AdWords) experience and have a flair for running successful campaigns that generate profit for their clients.

In fact, according to the requirements mentioned above, Premier Partners must continuously meet Google’s minimum ad spend, by actively managing AdWords accounts and must also meet performance requirements, by delivering solid ad revenue and growth. The key here was to show that ICON has the trust of our clients and to prove that we can consistently deliver real business results.

Better Access

After having earned the distinction, Premier Partners often receive news about changes and updates from Google well before other Google Ads users. They are also invited to exclusive beta programs, meaning they have access to tools that your competitors are not yet aware of.

Instant Support

Whenever issues crop up, Premier Partners can get priority access to Google representatives, allowing them to effectively “skip the lines”. With such instant support, issues can be resolved quickly, ensuring maximum campaign up-time and ad delivery.

If you’re looking to get the most out of digital advertising, contact us today and we’ll help you meet your digital marketing goals!

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