ICON officially launches an easy-peasy property management solution: Blockmonster.eu

October 2, 2012 9:43 am

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ICON has today launched a property management solution: Blockmonster.eu
ICON is proud to announce the official launch of its latest software product Blockmonster.eu. The easy-to-use condominium administration web-based software creates a two-way communication system between block administrators and residents by restructuring duties in an easy and efficient manner. Blockmonster.eu accentuates the convenience factor by offering cost transparency and ease-of-use to both novice and experienced administrators.
Providing block administrators with the expediency of budgeting for the year to come residents are able to see and revisit their payments from the past year. The app provides users with an indispensable tutorial that guides users through the necessary steps in administration providing condominium administrators with the right tools in carrying out their duties effectively.
Blockmonster.eu has been officially launched today
Encompassing a full accounting system Blockmonster.eu simplifies the most difficult of tasks by showcasing how money is being spent and how much is being used on a specific product and service. Costs are thus equally visible amongst all residents and ensues that money is being spent wisely.
Represented by a friendly monster Blockmonster.eu turns the most mundane of responsibilities into a fun task by smoothing the process of condominium administration. Administrators are able to build manage and explore their community by updating details to both vacant and occupied apartments ensuring that all necessary data and contact information are kept up-to-date.
Budgeting is no longer hard work as Blockmonster.eu combines a range of tools into one

Requesting payments from residents is turned from an arduous task to a simple process without the inconvenience of having to physically knock on residents’ doors. Blockmonster.eu provides users with the practicality of expense budgeting offering residents cost transparency in an easy-peasy way.

Communication between administrators and residents couldn’t have been simpler. Blockmonster.eu acts as a social platform enabling better tenant dialogue in a suitable and private social area 24/7.


Blockmonster.eu comes with an array of features that eases administrators’ duties
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