ICON participates in Hackathon 2013

December 19, 2013 10:07 am

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An entire weekend of coding for a good cause.

Tech Spark in collaboration with Microsoft recently hosted a ‘Hackathon’ held on the weekend of Friday 6th December at the Microsoft Innovation Centre. All proceeds from the event were donated to the L-Istrina charity campaign.

Funds were raised by each team making a donation in order to participate. The event was created as part of a worldwide initiative to increase interest in the development of applications for the Windows 8 store.

Three ICON developers joined other participants to spend the entire weekend passionately coding in aid of L-Istrina. In just three days the ICONites had to come up with an idea and develop it. On December 8th the entire team presented the concept and their work.

Six teams took place in total. Some made games one made a social network app for job hunting and recruitment another made an emergency application kit. ICON’s project involved a new app called ‘Storyteller’.

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‘Through Storyteller one sees all information about him/her on Facebook from a different perspective’ explained Edward D’Amato Senior Developer at ICON. ‘Although a lot of the data would be available publicly little would users be able to visualise all that they have been through in the past months collectively. This app allows you to do that.

Currently still in alpha stage ’Storyteller’ has the ability to literally tell your own personal social media story. Presented in a storyboard format with moving mountains in the background (to give you the feeling that you are on a journey) various options allow you to see things about your social media profile that you would have never noticed before.


Do you post more videos or pictures? What about links or status updates? One section coined ‘My Contribution to Humanity’ shows you clearly what kind of activity you are normally up to online. The ‘Social Affections’ section and a personalised tag-cloud is created showing you the main categories that are associated with your profile all displayed beautifully on your screen. Want to see where in the world you have been? Storyteller will display every location you have ever checked in and any activity associated with them on an interactive map.

Other plans include creating a section dedicated to ‘My Friends and family’ where the user will be able to view his/her own behaviour and how they interact with others. ‘My Mentality’ will look at the recent emotion status updates while searching your status updates for emotive words to give you an idea of how you portray yourself online.

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‘Me against the World’ will help you compare your Facebook profile with Facebook users around the globe and ‘It’s about time’ will help conclude your storyteller experience by building an interactive timel

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