ICON’s Malta Election Social Scoreboard Shortlisted for MCA eBusiness Award

January 22, 2018 6:09 pm

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ICON is excited to announce that it has been shortlisted for a second Malta Communications Authority eBusiness award 2017: Best Social Media Campaign. The innovative Malta Social Scoreboard, analysing social media activity surrounding the election campaigns, won ICON a spot among the finalists for this prominent award.

In partnership with Minely, ICON was able to use Big Data to gain important insights into the social media use of Malta’s two main political parties during the 2017 election campaign. Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning was employed to analyse levels of social media reach, engagement and positive/negative sentiment.

During the course of the campaigns, the project measured over 25 thousand articles and 2 million reactions on social media. It was able to separate political and non-political posts and determine which of the political posts were pro-PL and which were pro-PN. By analysing the social media reactions to the posts the system could measure the levels of positive and negative sentiment towards each post.

Malta Election Social Scoreboard Findings

The results were compiled into a social media scoreboard which compared the performance of both parties in real-time. While the PL had the higher overall levels of individual active users who engaged with their content, the data showed significant gains made by the PN over the course of the campaigns.

Malta Elections unique social media users per month per party

The system also highlighted which type of posts were most successful for each of the parties. Surprisingly, different content types had different levels of effectiveness for each of the parties. For the PN video content proved most popular, while for the PL photos worked best.

PL popularity of types social media content

The popularity of different social media content types during the PL election campaign.

PN social media content type popularity

The popularity of different social media content types during the PN election campaign.

Explore the results of the Malta Elections Social Scoreboard here.

How can Big Data and AI help your business?

The incredibly quick analysis of quantitative and qualitative data made possible by this method has a wide range of valuable business applications. Such as the ability to fine-tune digital marketing campaigns as they happen to increase reach, engagement and conversions. In the case of the election campaigns, the data could have helped each party adjust their social content plans to focus on their most effective content types.

The MCA eBusiness Awards 2017

The Malta Communications Authority were interested in the innovative use of technology to give insights into how social media was influencing matters of National importance. ICON would like to thank the MCA for recognising this project and shortlisting it for a place among the finalists for the Best Social Media Campaign 2017 award. ICON has also been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Use of Technology in Business Transformation category.

The MCA eBusiness Awards Ceremony will be held in mid-April 2018.

Wrapping Up

In terms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data we’re just scraping the surface of what’s possible. Over the next few years expect to see rapid development within these fields having major impacts on the whole of society.

Want to find out how ICON can leverage these developing technologies to help your business grow? Contact us today.

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