ICON’s Digital Solution for Jobsplus is a Finalist at the MCA eBusiness Awards

February 6, 2017 10:29 am

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ICON’s innovative digital solution for Jobsplus has been shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Best eGovernment Initiative 2016’ in the MCA eBusiness Awards. Apart from providing job seekers with matched vacancies and employers with matched CV profiles, it gives the opportunity to stakeholders to view and analyse the most common gaps between profiles and enterprise demands.

MCA eBusiness Awards Best eGovernment Initiative Jobsplus

The portal provided by ICON is part of a fully-responsive website which can be used seamlessly on desktops, tablets and smartphones alike. The portal was designed to be approachable and appeal to a younger audience, in line with the brand changes introduced by the transition from the ETC to Jobsplus.

Jobsplus is extremely pleased with ICON’s involvement in this project and very satisfied with the innovative solution it resulted in. The portal is a truly formidable tool which – apart from the various online services available to our clients – offers an online platform where job seekers and employers can match and communicate with each other. It will help make our organisation more efficient in our day-to-day activities, which in turn will cause Malta’s employment services to be much more effective and efficient.

Mr. Josef Cachia,
ICT Department Manager of Jobsplus


The portal offers job seekers the opportunity to create a personalised digital profile, which allows them to search and match while enabling employers to view their profile when it matches with one of their vacancies. The process for creating a CV from scratch is usually a lengthy, arduous process and ICON solved this challenge by developing a smart CV Builder, which enables users to find their employment history and populate the job seeker’s CV automatically. A job seeker can further populate his or her CV with the relevant academic qualifications, preferred job types, skills and competencies he or she is competent in along with licenses they may hold. The portal can also highlight which criteria is missing in the job seeker’s profile with respect to the vacancy demands, the number of vacancies matching the job seeker’s profile, and the number of profiles matching a specific vacancy.


The administrative burden on the Government reduced significantly following the launch of the Jobsplus website. Thanks to this innovative solution, Jobsplus staff members do not need to spend hours manually filling in vacancy documents since these processes is now available online. Job seekers are able to sign up and submit applications themselves, while employers can submit their vacancies online and source an instant list containing matching candidates. The intelligent algorithm which the website utilises is able to match vacancies and job seekers much more efficiently and effectively. In return, Jobsplus can spend more time in assisting truly vulnerable job seekers who require assistance in finding a job.

This solution is also supporting Malta to reduce its unemployment rate which further enhances the economy and the attractiveness of our country from an investment perspective.

Solving the needs of our clients by cutting-edge technology and out-of-the-box thinking is always our approach at ICON. We’re however especially proud of the Jobs Portal we developed for Jobsplus, since it’s an invaluable tool for one of our country’s most important pillars – employment.

Mr. Ian Castillo,
Director of ICON

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