ICON’s Digital Solution for Jobsplus receives an e-Business Award

April 13, 2017 11:48 am

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ICON’s digital solution for Jobsplus (formerly ETC) has received a prestigious Malta Communications Authority e-Business Award for best technology in the e-Government sector. Apart from providing job seekers with matched vacancies and employers with matched CV profiles, it gives stakeholders the opportunity to view and analyse the most common gaps between profiles and enterprise demands.

ICON’s Digital Solution for Jobsplus receives an e-Business Award          From left to right: Dr. Gege Gatt (Director at ICON), Ing. Saviour Zammit (Professor at the University of Malta), Mr. Clyde Caruana (Executive Chairman at Jobsplus), Mr. Josef Cachia (ICT Department Manager at Jobsplus), Mr. Edwin Camilleri (Labour Market Information Department Manager at Jobsplus), Mr. David Bonello (Head Of Division Finance, Procurement and ICT at Jobsplus), Mrs. Christine Falzon (Business Development Manager at ICON), Mr. Ian Castillo (Director at ICON) and Mr. Carl Saydon (Digital Marketing Manager at ICON).


For a project to be chosen as the best e-government initiative, it must go above and beyond several stringent criteria set by the adjudication committee. The main criteria include the value that a specific project adds to its diverse stakeholders, the administrative gain through successful implementation, the extent to which the project can leverage a unique user experience and the technologies used to create such a project.

ICON’s Digital Solution for Jobsplus receives an e-Business Award

The portal that has been developed for Jobsplus is part of a fully-responsive website which can be used seamlessly across multiple devices from laptop to smartphone and everything in between. With a deep understanding of the recruitment sector, and a highly-qualified team, ICON was able to offer a cost-effective solution, designed to be approachable and appeal to a younger audience, in line with the brand strategy recently introduced through the transition from the ETC to Jobsplus.

ICON’s Digital Solution for Jobsplus receives an e-Business Award

Since Q4 of 2016, the website has gone from strength to strength. Since its induction, the new site has generated over 650,000 sessions and over 3.2 million page views across the portal. Interestingly, over 250,000 of these sessions have come from mobile devices. It has seen over 20,000 registered user accounts of which over 3,800 are employee accounts. This surge in registered users has resulted in an impressive 1,894 new vacancies being created throughout Malta since October 2016.

Since its launch, the Jobsplus portal has experienced record engagement levels among employers and job seekers alike. This fact is a testimony that it is supporting Malta well in reducing its unemployment rate which further enhances the economy and the attractiveness of our country from an investment perspective.

Mr. Josef Cachia,
ICT Department Manager at Jobsplus

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