Icon’s Lux Airport Digital Solution Wins MCA eBusiness Award – Updated March 2018

March 29, 2018 2:30 pm

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Update (29 March 2018): ICON and Lux have won the award!

We’re delighted and proud to announce that ICON and Luxembourg Airport have won the 2017 MCA eBusiness award for “Best Use of Technology in Business Transformation”. The judging panel were extremely impressed with ICON’s digital transformation of Lux’s web presence including the airport’s new website and apps.

ICON is thrilled to have won the award and would like to thank the MCA, the judging panel and our highly skilled team. We’d also like to thank Lux Airport for choosing ICON and for being such excellent clients.

Here’s a short video about the project:

And here are a few photos from the event:

Several photos of the ICON team winning a 2017 MCA eBusiness Awards

Read on for more details about the project…

ICON is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted for the prestigious “Best Use of Technology in Business Transformation” MCA eBusiness award. The comprehensive, cutting-edge solution developed for Luxembourg Airport earned ICON a spot on an eBusiness awards shortlist for the 5th year running.

lux-airport website banner

By developing a new website and accompanying iOS and Android apps, ICON was able to realise the business objective of creating a personalised experience for the connected traveller. Lux Airport passengers can now enjoy seamlessly optimized online portals with substantial real world benefits. The airport can now help travellers plan their trips more efficiently while directing them to the most personally relevant services, shops and eateries.

Offering an improved experience for passengers while adding value for many of the businesses stakeholders was a key focus of the project.

This innovative end-to-end digital solution aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Luxembourg Airport brand and we are very excited by the new potential it has opened up for our business.

Johan Vanneste,
President & CEO of Luxembourg-Airport

User research and customer modelling clearly showed that mobile would be the main touch point for the majority of users. Based on the results of this research, ICON opted for a user-centric mobile-first design philosophy.

MCA eBusiness awards finalist banner
Limiting the project to a responsive website would have resulted in missing many important opportunities. As iOS and Android apps live on the users’ device, they are a superior option for reengaging existing passengers and building relationships with them. The ability to send instant notifications to passengers, particularly while inside the airport, is a key feature of the project.

ICON’s experience in the airline sector enabled us to build a complex feature-filled solution quickly and at a very reasonable price. Some of the key features which undoubtedly helped ICON achieve a spot on the MCA awards shortlist include:

  • Flight Status Tracker
  • Live Flight Tracker
  • Indoor Maps & Positioning
  • Flight Timetable
  • Parking Solution
  • Real-Time Personalisation Platform
  • Automated Marketing
  • Dark Site: In the event of a crisis a simplified version of the site, minus any inappropriate content, can quickly and easily be switched to. The dark site is also capable of handling a huge surge in online traffic.

The 2017 MCA eBusiness Awards will be held on the 28th March. Everyone at ICON would like to thank the MCA for this recognition of our work. We’d also like to thank Lux Airport for being such great clients.

If you’d like to experience the new Luxembourg Airport online presence, visit the official Luxembourg Airport website. Alternatively, download the iOS app or the Android app.

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