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January 24, 2013 9:42 am

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ICON has released three crucial research studies over the last few years.
Today almost everyone is online. However few people are able to juggle online marketing in an efficient way that engages consumers in a cost-effective manner. Since online marketing is constantly changing staying on top of one’s game is a priority in becoming successful. Although it is easy to manage there are so many strategies and tricks that must be applied.
ICON has successfully carried out three research studies over the last few years that we think will be useful for you to learn more about the local market. Combining an online web presence with social media and online advertising budgets can prove to be quite difficult if handled by various persons. One of the tricks of the trade is to carry out research in order to learn more about your target audience.

Download ICON’s research studies about online marketing in Malta:


imageprovider.ashxSocial Media Marketing in Malta

Facebook Twitter YouTube Foursquare and LinkedIn are some of the channels marketers are using to reach their target audience.

This report offers an in-depth glance into the use of such channels for marketing purposes highlighting the most popular tools the major concerns that marketers face with social media marketing and the objectives behind the use of new media.

Download this report for free.

imageprovider.ashxggg Digital Marketing in Malta

Traditional vs. digital marketing! What channels are marketers using?  Do they intend to change efforts and/or spending patterns to include new media in their new year’s strategy?

This report offers great insights into the current spending patterns amongst local companies preferred channels 2012 marketing strategies as well as channels which give the highest return on investment.

Download this report for free.

imageprovider.ashxddd Visual Online Marketing: A Study in Malta

Are marketers making good use of visual content to promote their products or services online? Will people purchase online if they do not get an image of the product first?

This study analyses the use of visual content online by both marketers as well as individual users.

Download this report for free.

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