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May 25, 2021 1:38 pm

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Everything you need to know about Insurance Software for Businesses

In Central Europe, the insurance industry is not yet very developed, and most individuals do not have insurance for the most important things in their lives, including life insurance. In more developed countries, even in Western Europe, these services are promoted very intensely even from an early age.

The insurance service is taught in schools and becomes part of the culture of that country. People are used to needing insurance, and these services are among the first mandatory aspects of their lives.

Brief explanations about the software used by insurance companies

If you are an insurance company and at least for the time being you do not face a large number of customers, you probably consider that the digitization of your services is not so urgent or very necessary. To understand how important insurance software is, think about how the market will evolve so much to the point where each individual will have 1, 2, or even 3 different types of insurance.

Do you think that with a large volume of claims and files, car accidents, work accidents, or other human health problems, you will be able to deal with hundreds of claims a day? Or will you be able to stay efficient, evaluate each case correctly? The answer to this question explains very well how insurance software works.

Specific benefits and improvements

The digitalization of insurance services will automate many of your daily processes and will speed up the response time to the client. At the same time, all the information and data of these customers can be stored in one place, in my butt, or in a very secure drive from where you can filter cases, you can see customer history, all digital. No need for mountains of files and hundreds of kilograms of documents stored in the office.

Any type of insurance software can be customized according to the needs of each company. Once you choose to implement such a system, you will be able to choose the functions that this system is capable of. Do you want to sell more and faster through promotional campaigns? Or to better manage the customers you already have because you are overwhelmed?

With custom insurance software, you will be able to do both at once and enjoy more time to grow your business.

Classification of insurance software

There are several types of products in this category that can be cheaper or more expensive, more complex, or simpler depending on resources, need, or level of customization. In principle, the most popular such software systems for insurance companies are:

Standard applications or systems

The most purchased and simple and most of the ones that are used by most insurance companies with small and medium volume of customers. These applications are predefined with the features that the developer considered most necessary.

Most of the time, you will not be able to change the core of these systems. Think of them like a bottle of water. You can remove the water, you can add other liquids, but the bottle will always be the same.

Customizable systems

The second category that is the most recommended for all insurance companies is the full custom. From the prices, the team of programmers or developers to the final product, everything will be done with your assistance and under your coordination.

Every aspect of your business will be discussed with the team and practical solutions to all your needs will be found. It is a product created 100%, especially for your business. This kind of system needs more time to be launched, but the results are incredible and the product is unique.

Before you go, do you have an insurance product in mind you need to get out to the market quickly? Are you looking to digitally transform your insurance processes? We’d be happy to discuss your project! Contact us today to speak to a business expert.

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