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February 23, 2012 1:22 pm

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“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook

Intercomp has effectively enhanced its relationship with clients and prospects through social media. The chosen platform Facebook provided the company with the right tools to actively engage and interact with its audience as it presented a virtual doorstep where the company’s clients can put forward questions queries statements technical-concerns and even view products.

Working in close collaboration with ICON Intercomp used Facebook to create an outstanding communications platform. Within less than a month it reached out to almost 3 000 users and still counting. To achieve this goal Intercomp launched a Facebook page specifically to meet the criteria above. High-level content great product imagery and a user friendly layout boosted the success of Intercomp’s page.

One key differentiator is the ‘Products’ tab which is updated in real time whenever new products are added to the website ensuring that the excellent products which Intercomp offers are immediately visible to the customers. Moreover these products link directly to the relative page on the Intercomp website giving deeper information to the customers and synchronizing all efforts across the web.

Since the launch users have been interacting with Intercomp on a regular basis and this can be seen as a result of how Intercomp is handling the page. Regular updates and informative as well as entertaining news by Intercomp are key factors that ensure that users are always connected with their favourite electronics supplier.

To enhance and facilitate end-user experience ICON has developed a very intuitive layout within Facebook with clear actions which users can follow. The ever increasing user-base on Intercomp’s page comes as a result of a very positive attitude by Intercomp as well as social media guidance by ICON.

Aiming to give exclusive value to its clients on Facebook Intercomp initiated a snazzy campaign rewarding its fans with fantastic prizes ranging from store discounts to excellent products give-aways. This initiative greatly supports the company’s recent endeavor that of launching its new website. Both aspects are solid in their own regard; however the combined effort of a new website and a new social media presence is a great achievement to establish Intercomp as a one of Malta’s leading IT organisations.

View Intercomp’s Facebook Page here.

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