LinkedIn unveils new Company Page features

November 9, 2012 2:51 pm

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Along with its new video ads LinkedIn has unrolled new features for company pages.
Do you have a LinkedIn company page? If you do you have probably noticed the newly designed look and features. Not only does it make it easier for people to find follow and engage with your company but the new design updates and features have made it easier for people to browse through each section in an organised fashion.
Here are 5 tips to improve and boost your LinkedIn company page:
  1. Add a banner. The banner image will show up at the top of the tab. Similar to the Facebook Cover photo the banner serves to promote your company’s brand and messaging. The size of the banner should be 646 x 220 pixels. Make it as attention-grabbing as possible as this will be the first thing your audience will see. Make sure you spend a considerable time going over the About section of your company page and that it’s up to date.
  2. Career and products tab. Careers and company products have been organised and now each have their own tab. Instead of cluttering the page now visitors have it easier to find what they are looking for on your Page. If you don’t require a Careers tab section this will be replaced by a default image of your company logo and text saying “Learn more about our company and culture.”
  3. Product recommendations. One major update revolved around the recommendations section that is now prominently featured. Visitors are able to see who in their network is endorsing products or services. Make sure that you ask for recommendations for your products. After running a campaign reach out to clients and ask them for a recommendation.
  4. Targeted updates. Any updates that you share to your company Page are now going to be at the centre of your main home tab whilst images from your updates will be much more visible. Links must be copied and pasted while LinkedIn will pull in the image and post for you. You can then proceed to edit and publish.
  5. Visibility on mobile apps. The most important update is that now your Company page is visible to mobile applications and iPads. You can also view other company pages you follow find and follow other companies view job openings and read the latest company page updates amongst others. Your company page therefore becomes more visible to employees clients and partners everywhere.