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January 10, 2013 1:42 pm

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Interns get the chance to try their hand at the career they’re aspiring to.
Helene Mambourg
ICON has been welcoming interns from all over Europe over the years. Not only does it enrich the interns’ work experience but it also offers them the opportunity to learn and discover new areas of interest.
Our latest intern Helene Mambourg has been at ICON for over a month. Hailing from Belgium Helene has reached the end of her internship. Here we ask her a few questions about her experience as an intern at ICON and how it was beneficial for her:
1) What were your expectations of ICON before you joined the team?
I wanted to learn more about social media and the aspects of e-marketing. It surpassed my expecatations as I learned about social media indepth and the way a web agency functions.2) What was your main role and how does it relate to your studies?
My main role was to create social media strategies for two clients and produce content for Facebook. I studied Communications so this experience adds to my portfolio.
In my previous job I handled mainly Offline documents and wanted to improve my experience in Online Communications. ICON just helped me excel at that.3) How would you describe your experience at ICON?
My experience at ICON was very enriching. I learned how a web agency works and discovered a new specialist area in which I can follow as a profession.4) How did you find the team at ICON? Any funny stories you want to share?
The team was very welcoming and friendly. On my first day they celebrated a new contract so we had dinner in a restaurant and drank Champagne. Very nice and memorable first day!5) Describe your fondest memories at ICON
The Directors are very friendly and fond of their employees. One of the Directors called some of the colleagues with an endearing name; Dani for Daniela Ed for Edward… When he called me Hel I knew that I was a member of the ICON team 😉6) What lessons will you be taking back with you to Belgium?
During my internship I improved my expertise in social media. I discovered new tools and learned about SEO. I also participated in meetings with clients. I realised that I really enjoyed clients’ meetings and help me develop further my communication skills. The ICON team although always pressured with time and tasks manage to remain calm work positively and stay professional.

Interview by Daniela Grech

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