Meet Nicola ICON’s latest intern

February 21, 2013 10:26 am

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ICON opens its doors to interns from all over Europe to help them progress in their career of choice.
Having graduated from the University of Malta Nicola Schinas has grabbed the opportunity to start her career as an intern with ICON. With her main area of interest being graphic design ICON is helping her build a solid foundation in design.
  • What were your expectations of ICON before you joined the team?
I was aware that the team at ICON was young dynamic and innovative. I had seen a lot of ICON’s websites and thought they were great so I expected the place to be a creative environment of which it is.
  • What is your main role and how does it relate to your studies?

My main role at ICON so far has been content styling being fully involved with the design and layout of a website. I studied Communications (Hons.) at University and I love anything to do with media and design so the work really relates to my studies .

  •  How would you describe your experience at ICON so far?

My experience at ICON has been really enjoyable and I really enjoyed working on one of ICON’s recent key projects. It’s satisfying to see my work actually appear on the internet (better than any normal university assignment).

  • How do you find the team at ICON? 

The team is really friendly and welcoming. I love the relaxed working environment and how everyone is really cheerful fun and very hard working at the same time.

  • Describe your fondest memories at ICON?

I haven’t been here very long but being around people who joke and laugh is a lot of fun.

  • What lessons will you be taking back with you?

So far I’ve learned a lot from this internship such as how to work within a team and work under tight deadlines. I love seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ of how a website is made. I’ve learned a real lot on how every person within a team plays a part in making a website come together. Working as an intern allows me to do a bit of various things and I’ve really it enjoyed so far as I am learning a lot.

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