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August 23, 2011 2:23 pm

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It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation – Wouter Stokkel
Albert Saliba

Name: Albert Saliba
Profession: Designer at ICON

What inspires you and interests you about the profession of a web designer?

The whole creative process of web development draws me in. From the first rough concept to the finished product I thrive on the thrill of creating something where nothing existed before. I enjoy the process of testing different solutions and the fulfilment you get when you know you’ve finally found the best fit.

Name an interesting project which you have recently worked on.

I truly enjoyed designing Holiday Letting Malta’s new site. The web portal features a bright array of colours and vibrant high definition pictures which represent the intensity of the Maltese islands as first class holiday destinations. The site is both visually appealing and is also extremely functional with the layout being designed specifically with the aim of being easy to use and understand. I believe that this is a combination which particularly defines this project’s success.

Albert, what are some of the features on the Holiday Letting Malta website which facilitate the online search for a holiday home?

Holiday Letting Malta is all about effortless browsing. To this end, the site features an advanced search facility which allows for personalised searches. Users may also search according to price range via the sleek price-bar widget on the site or according to location through the customised Google-map supporting geo-mapped data.

To make the whole experience even more satisfying and personal the site features Live Chat functionality which guarantees that the user’s enquiries will be dealt with in the most personal and professional of manners as well as integration to Web 2.0 where users may share properties which interest them with their online peers.


The Holiday Letting Malta new website

What else is it about Holiday Letting Malta’s website that makes it unique and exciting?

The site is distinctive due to the involvement of™ which manages the property itineraries. Also, the user is given the opportunity to not only rent a property but list his/her own property to let out or sell. This multidimensionality sets this website apart from all others in its genre. Despite being a rich in functionality the site is built on good search engine standards so that it is easily retrievable on search engines’ results pages.

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