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April 5, 2012 2:12 pm

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The latest catchphrase on everyone’s lips is “mobile marketing”. Since most smartphone users spend a huge chunk of their time checking e-mails, browsing, text messaging, and using social media it is from a marketer’s perspective the ideal opportunity to use this channel to further boost business growth. It is the most direct and personal form of marketing.

mobile marketing

Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when it comes to mobile marketing:

Bite-size information: Offers aimed at generating a response must entail a sense of urgency whilst providing information in small doses as most users would look at their mobile on the go
Self-identify: Create icon-based links to your mobile site and enrich it with videos and applications that are suitable and personal
Integrate: Mobile marketing is best when combined with other media. Use QR codes in your print advertising and mention campaigns on your blog e-commerce site and social media
Remind: Send reminders two to three hours ahead of an event not days ahead
Don’t over complicate matters: Avoid flashy images as your audience would want to read the message and how it is of a benefit to them
Offer incentives: Giving incentives such as access to other relevant information or a coupon will increase rates and participation
Capture it: Mobile users are constantly capturing real-life events happening around them daily. Increasing interaction through community-building and increasing participation through film/photo submissions can boost communication

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