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July 5, 2012 10:13 am

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“Joining a professional network such as Linkedin has helped us showcase our company and services to a massive database of professionals ” – Alberto ICT Manager at Kidextractor.
Kidextractor an international company expert in the manufacture and supply of cleaning equipment for companies in the petro-chemical industries has launched a new website designed and optimized to offer an enhanced user interface for a better visitor experience. Designed by ICON the site features effective graphics and functionalities whilst also supplying a gallery full of product images as an ideal platform for learning more about individual products.
Kidextractor’s new website offers a professional and an appealing colour scheme whilst displaying clearly all the services products news as well as an interactive map depicting the company’s various worldwide representatives.
Kidextractor’s new website has been re-designed
ICON has integrated the new site to professional social giants LinkedIn. Kidextractor proves that social media marketing is not limited to business-to-customers companies only but also to businesses whose clients are fellow companies. Through LinkedIn integration Kidextractor can easily refer professional contacts to the new site as well as site visitors to the social channel where interested prospects may easily get in touch with the company.
“Joining a professional network such as Linkedin has helped us showcase our company and services to a massive database of professionals ” said Alberto Andreuzzi ICT Manager at Kidextractor. “With such a huge directory of professionals Kidextractor with the help of ICON has facilitated and boosted the company’s online presence”.
Kidextractor’s new website has recently been launched
The new site also provides a platform for the organisation to display testimonials which are a key element for the promotion of products and services and that help boost the brand’s image through direct recommendations.
Integrating the website’s many features Kidextractor uses ICON’s enhanced Content Management System ICON.Snap™ which not only facilitates web administration but also focuses on the benefits of search engine optimisation. It was imperative for Kidextractor to choose a system which allows for good search engine ranking and easy social media integration making it simpler for interested prospects to find the site.
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