Palm City Residences Launches Revamped Website

April 4, 2013 11:31 am

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Palm City Residences has revamped its website with a new look
Palm City Residences, a blend of leasehold property and luxurious living on the southern shores of the Mediterranean, has revamped its website with a new look and additional features designed to improve usability. Designed by ICON, the revamped website uses new fonts, updated graphics and a new layout which helps users access information faster and more easily.
The new and improved site was redesigned with the goals of providing easier navigation, a cleaner interface and embellished with more images. The redesigned website reconfirms the company’s forward-thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of the industry. The site’s new and improved architecture presents information with greater clarity.
Palm City Residences New Website
The newly revamped website
“The new look has provided the website with a much-needed update”, said Melvin Bonnici General Manager at Palm City Residences. “We placed emphasis on improving usability and aesthetics coupled with other improvements to the site should hopefully see an increase in the website’s usability and accessibility whilst making it more attractive to visitors at the same time.”
Palm City Residences is the story of how a 14-hectare stretch of abandoned land in Libya was painstakingly transformed into the most exclusive residential address in the North African country. Palm City Residences is the result of a far-reaching vision and steely determination to build and deliver an up-market residential village that meets and exceeds the expectations of the most discerning residents.
The new website can be accessed by visiting
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