ICON Develops Pendergardens Commercial Micro-Site

August 26, 2015 11:38 am

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ICON has been working with Pendergardens since the development of its web presence back in 2012. It has since grown significantly with regular updates and social media activity. The Pendergardens website has served many functions over the past few years.

Firstly, the website was used to showcase the progress of the development of the new residential area within the prime location of St Julian’s. As the property matured ICON was entrusted to build an interactive portal for Pendergardens that kept within the spirit of the core brand – LIVE, WORK, RELAX. The site has kept a clear emphasis on accessibility and ease of navigation and although now over 3 years old, has managed to retain this ethos.




Moving forward into 2015, Pendergardens has now expanded further, offering a commercial space boasting over 5000 square meters of retail space. Pendergardens currently offers over 270 apartments and 7 floors of offices. The new retail space will also host a supermarket and a wellness centre equipped with spa and pool. Pendergardens requested ICON to create a micro site for it regarding this new venture, and to ensure that it aesthetically matched the current website while taking advantage of modern trends and changes within the web over the last 3 years.

ICON developed a fully responsive micro-site under a new sub-domain for Pendergardens Commercial that is both visually pleasing, easy to navigate and interactive. The micro-site is split into 4 clear sections describing each new opportunity available, with clear call to actions and access to download PDF’s of all building plans as well as prominent social media touch points. Visit the website here.

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