Preparing students for industry success

December 1, 2011 2:31 pm

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St. Aloysius’ College is synonymous with education in Malta. It offers education and Christian formation at Primary Secondary and Sixth-Form levels and gears up its students for an exceptional career path. As part of its plans to bring scholars closer to the world of work and employment the school has recently organised a series of career talks inviting guest speakers from various industries to share tips and experiences with its students.


ICON has gladly accepted the college’s invitation to meet fifth form boys who are progressing through their journey in preparation for their career. In a colourful speech ICON’s business director Gege Gatt has introduced the students to a myriad of cutting edge jobs within the ICT industry in Malta and abroad.

Students must not wait for their college days to be over to think of their résumé. Building a strong and extensive own portfolio would help them promote themselves to an employer during a job interview. Gatt thus recommended an active approach wherein students should build their own blog or website participate in online competitions and put their skills to practice on own projects.“From film to cars finance to pharmaceuticals there are employers looking for people with the right ICT skills to assist them with empowering their businesses through the better use of IT” said Dr. Gege Gatt. He further explained the key educational pathways that lead to a career in IT and took various questions on the matter.

In life one may face various obstacles that hinder progress – ranging from failed exams to peer pressure. But one should follow his/her passions and work hard at overcoming such barriers. Gege concluded by sharing some tips about life-choices encouraging students not to give up and to do something that they enjoy doing. Ultimately it is the student’s drive and ambition that will lead to growth and success.

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