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October 25, 2012 10:18 am

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Clutter seems to be the main reason for Facebook users not to like a brand page.
Social media users who do not like or follow any particular brands on Facebook are deterred by newsfeed clutter (47%) while many do not wish to be contacted (36%) or are concerned about their privacy (30%) finds Lab 42 in September 2012 survey results.

Clutter seems to be the main culprit for unliking brands. Here is what the survey has found out:

Deals Drive Likes More than Loyalty


87% of social media users were found to like brands on Facebook but the main motivator for doing this was the respondents’ citing to promotions and discounts (34%) followed by free gifts (21%). Some 46% have liked a brand without any intention of buying. 52% of this segment have claimed that they have liked a brand for a free item while another 46% said they couldn’t afford the products and another 24% have said they only liked a brand to help out a friend.
Most social media users have admitted that they really wish to connect with brands via Facebook. 82% have claimed that Facebook is the best place to interact with brands while 35% feel that the brands do actively listen to them more on Facebook.
Embarrassment & Over Posting Discourage Likes
The survey has also found out that 22% of respondents were too embarrassed to like a certain brand especially when it comes to adult novelities weight loss products and health and wellness products.
The survey has also revealed that the best way by which brands can get non-likers to like them on Facebook was through giveaway posting less often and letting consumers hide the fact that they like the brand.
Brands however see very little engagement from young social network users. Seven in ten Millennials who like a brand on Facebook very rarely or ever do return to a page.
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