Rita’s Fresh Fish – A Case Study in Branding

March 8, 2012 11:31 am

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“A brand is a set of differentiating promises that link a product to its customers” – Stuart Agres

The name ‘Rita’ is synonymous with fish. Rita approached ICON with a wealth of traditional anecdotes stemming from a lifetime in the fish industry. Being brought up by a family of fishermen she could not but be passionate about this industry. Her roots trace back to 1977 in Malta’s fishing village of Marsaxlokk where locals rallied to her fish-shop for the freshest catch.

With an increasingly globalized supply chain Rita wanted to carve a niche within her industry. Indeed Rita was in search of a brand identity which would increase her visibility and competitiveness yet would leave her form rooted in the wealth of her tradition in the industry.

Rita lacked a structure brand in the past and like most local producers her name was her brand. Her long-standing experience in the fish industry and her commitment towards genuine and fresh products stood out and accompanied her throughout the development of her shop to what it is today: spanning a number of outlets within prominent areas in Malta. Locals still refer to her business by her personal name and word of mouth was undeniably an important factor in the new brand.


Working closely with Rita ICON developed a brand that upholds the values and ethos of Rita conveying her friendliness her expertise as well as her commitment to fresh genuine fish.

Unlike Rita’s competitors who operate at an industrial level she offers fresh fish to her customers ensuring that what they are getting is of unrivaled quality. ICON identified this trait as Rita’s unique strength and has thus created ‘Rita’s Fresh Fish’ – a new brand to a solid name in the industry.

The elements of the new logo include a sketch of a Maltese Grouper (cerna) Rita’s own name standing as a first connection with her clients who have been calling her so since her first years in the business as well as a clear description of what Rita stands for. The new brand has a distinctly genuine feel – honest direct and true to the heritage of a fishing family.

The application of the brand was further extended to uniforms aprons paper packaging and jar labels all tying in to a streamlined experience. Instantly recognisable and reflective of what Rita does this branding exercise will contribute towards improving Rita’s business making ‘Rita’s Fresh Fish’ the go-to place for fresh local fish.

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