Social Recruitment workshop hailed by professionals

June 28, 2012 5:14 pm

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EIE in collaboration with ICON launched a Digital Marketing Training Course aimed at business executives and that focused on social media recruitment the advantages of e-recruitment and the various methods of social recruitment available online. Forming part of four workshops a detailed course entitled Social Recruiting: Better Ways to get the Right Talent on Board was held on June 13th at the EIE Institute of Education in San Gwann.
Led by ICON Director Dr Gege Gatt the course focused on key elements resources and methods that are available in today’s fast paced recruitment business. The course which was attended by various professionals and business administrators from leading recruitment agencies and companies has brought to their attention new methods of thinking-outside-the-box scenarios and how this could facilitate the recruitment process.
Deligates participating in a team workshop
Social media has brought about a revolution in the way recruitment takes places. With more employers using social media platforms such as LinkedIn YouTube Twitter and Facebook it is much easier to connect with potential employers and vice versa. For jobseekers the rules of social recruitment are all there to see and thus the traditional paper CV is becoming less influential as part of the jobseeker’s credentials.
Speaking after the workshop Dr Gege Gatt said “The way that employers business administrators and other professionals displayed their keenness towards new and advanced methods of social recruitment is a positive step towards embracing the future. The engagement and level of interaction was of a high level and the attendees showed that they are very interested in alternative and modern methods of social recruitment that ultimately leads to a better flow of information about their candidates”.
One next workshop entitled SEO and PPC Crash-Course to improve your Site’s visibility is being held on July 25th.
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