Spooky Halloween at ICON

November 3, 2020 8:07 am

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It is spooky how fast 2020 is moving. When this whole pandemic began, none of us expected we would still be working remotely this long. Yet, here we are.

As teams across the world continue to adapt to remote or hybrid working model, it is important to keep employees engaged. There are many benefits of organising bonding events so everyone can feel included and to bring back that social element we had to give up in March.

Therefore, we refused the pandemic to steal the spirit of Halloween!

As we are quite a close team, we have found it quite difficult not to bond at the office every day for a few months now. This is why some of our ICONites decided to organise a completely online & spooky Halloween event.

The Serial Killer

A while back we have secretly entered the lab of a scientist Dr. Linda Schubert and we have stolen an antidote for a virus she has created. Now she knows, and we are being haunted by the most dangerous serial killer on the island. If we find the name of the killer and report him, we are safe, otherwise…well, you know.

The game was composed of a series of sound, video, text and images and in teams of 3-4 players, we tackled variety of trivia questions, solved fun puzzles and, spoiler alert, uncovered clues that led us to the name of the serial killer.

In the end of the day, there was only one winner, but we all had fun 👻

Before you go, let us know how you celebrated remote Halloween this year!



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